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About Behavior Hub

What we are…
The Behavior Hub Non-profit (TBH) was established in January of 2018. TBH’s programming is focused on improving well-being of children and adults through psychological supports, nutritional education, and physical activity. In using this 3-pronged approach, we found that training parents, teachers, and organization staff in parallel to the child (known as Suzuki Method) enhances everyone’s effectiveness in fostering healthy growth of children.

TBH offers a variety of consulting and workshop training services to children, families, educators, and mentors that have been created to make lives easier. Our inspiration came from a personal connection as well as crossing paths with people who were struggling to find solutions to leading challenging children. When we thought into this reoccurring issue, we decided to create a social-emotional program from scratch, and The Behavior Hub was born.

Problem we solve...
We teach children how to manage their strong emotions, eat well, and get some exercise while simultaneously teaching adults how to respond to these emotions, get kids to eat real food, and promote healthy exercise in order to reduce the stressors of raising children.

How we solve it...
-Three-pronged approach: psychological support, nutritional education, and physical exercise
-Systematic, research-based curriculum
-Uniquely personalized programming
-Grounded in neuroscience
-Trauma-informed practices

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